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24: Faith Healers Benny Hinn and Katherine Kuhlman

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/xbvt42/Healing_-_7_23_19_6_40_PM.mp3 Do you have 3 minutes? Please rate us and even review us on iTunes. It’s how we get in front of more people. Thanks. Karen and Bonnie go through the lives and miracle healing powers of Kathrine Kuhlman and Benny Hill, no, Hinn….

21: First Annual Kook-Off: Jim Bakker vs Pat Robertson

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/h6mv5z/Kook_Off_-_7_2_19_10_23_PM.mp3 Please Subscribe, rate, and review. We’d appreciate it. Who’s kookier, or old cootier, Jim Bakker or Pat Robertson? We make them go head-to-head on this episode. We’ll post polls on our social media things (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) so you can vote. The…