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Thy Name is Lettersode

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/icbmcp/Letterssssssss_-_7_14_20_211_PM_bkkum.mp3 We love letters. We love them. And reviews. We’re selfish and run on interaction. Thanks for being vulnerable and making us laugh at and with you. Keep them coming! This week we hear about Catholic smudge marks and Pastor Gary. We’re also trying… Continue Reading “Thy Name is Lettersode”

Happy New Year! Opening the Vault

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/e2iduf/Stay_Sexy_-_1_1_20_10_44_AM.mp3 We’re taking some time to improve the show and replaying some of our favorite episodes. Please SPONSOR us on Patreon. Thank you! We RIFF on some memories of urine and being snipers before we let you loose on an episode we released on… Continue Reading “Happy New Year! Opening the Vault”

Pastafarianism, The Flying Spaghetti Monster

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/umbi2b/Pastafarianism-_12_17_19_10_30_PM.mp3 Scroll down for more ways to listen. You can also tell Alexa, “Play the podcast Deconversion Therapy.” We’ve paid her off. We carb-load up on Pastafarianism, a religion Karen is signing up for but Bonnie can’t handle the puns. Karen had seen images… Continue Reading “Pastafarianism, The Flying Spaghetti Monster”

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/9pk42v/Thanksgiving_-_11_26_19_9_32_PM.mp3 Bonnie and Karen shepherd you through the religious obstacles of Thanksgiving dinner. We throw in a history lesson, sprinkle it with some rat urine, and then send you into the lion’s den. Good luck, Champ.

This Week on “As the Church Crumbles”

We have a SHOP. Get stickers. You know where to put them. Joshua Harris, Marty Sampson, and Mckrae Game. They’ve done some thinking and the church is not happy about it. We say welcome. Y’all ballers. Joshua Harris renounced Christianity close to the time the… Continue Reading “This Week on “As the Church Crumbles””

Who’s Gonna be in Heaven? David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam

Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, is now the self-proclaimed Son of Hope. Karen tries to get David to come to the studio, but he’s too shy. And imprisoned. We should have gotten the actor who portrays him on Mindhunter on Netflix. He’s amazing! Bonnie… Continue Reading “Who’s Gonna be in Heaven? David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam”

The Family Part 1: It’s about Power, Not Love

Yes, we are now sponsored by Audible! Bonnie and Karen discuss the book, and soon-to be-released Netflix documentary “The Family: An enigmatic conservative Christian group known as the Family wields enormous influence in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of its global ambitions.” Karen and Bonnie also discuss… Continue Reading “The Family Part 1: It’s about Power, Not Love”

25: It’s a Team! With Power!

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/x8f5rn/Power_Team_-_7_30_19_10_10_PM.mp3 Listen on: iTunes Stitcher Spotify Overcast Castbox Do you have 3 minutes? Please rate us and even review us on iTunes. It’s how we get in front of more people. Thanks. There’s a link, right there to the right. That’s right, it’s time for your favorite group… Continue Reading “25: It’s a Team! With Power!”

24: Faith Healers Benny Hinn and Katherine Kuhlman

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/xbvt42/Healing_-_7_23_19_6_40_PM.mp3 Do you have 3 minutes? Please rate us and even review us on iTunes. It’s how we get in front of more people. Thanks. Karen and Bonnie go through the lives and miracle healing powers of Kathrine Kuhlman and Benny Hill, no, Hinn.… Continue Reading “24: Faith Healers Benny Hinn and Katherine Kuhlman”

23: The Cult that Poisoned an Oregon Town

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/qtu77n/Letters_1_-_7_8_19_1_14_PM.mp3 Please Subscribe, rate, and review. You will be blessed. Bonnie and Karen talk about the sex cult called the Rajneesh this week. If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, Bonnie goes over it while trying to capture the insanity. Bagwan Shree… Continue Reading “23: The Cult that Poisoned an Oregon Town”