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Thy Name is Lettersode

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/icbmcp/Letterssssssss_-_7_14_20_211_PM_bkkum.mp3 We love letters. We love them. And reviews. We’re selfish and run on interaction. Thanks for being vulnerable and making us laugh at and with you. Keep them coming! This week we hear about Catholic smudge marks and Pastor Gary. We’re also trying… Continue Reading “Thy Name is Lettersode”

THESE Shitpiles

How do we keep up with the hellishness of the last week? We push our other recorded episodes down the pike and record fresh because there’s JUST. SO. MUCH. Don’t forget to send your funny, true stories to us OR racist crap you learned… Continue Reading “THESE Shitpiles”

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/9pk42v/Thanksgiving_-_11_26_19_9_32_PM.mp3 Bonnie and Karen shepherd you through the religious obstacles of Thanksgiving dinner. We throw in a history lesson, sprinkle it with some rat urine, and then send you into the lion’s den. Good luck, Champ.

Lettersode 5: Everything’s Downright Inappropriate

Have you NOT subscribed? Really? Tapping that button is just too much of a strain on the digits? Come on, help a poddy mouth out. This month’s Lettersode went sidewayyyyys. It wasn’t the letter writers’ fault. We recorded in the morning and were much… Continue Reading “Lettersode 5: Everything’s Downright Inappropriate”

Happy JesusWeen

No, we did not make that word up. But sadly, someone else did. This week Karen and Bonnie share their memories of Halloweens past, when the church hadn’t upped the ante on hijacking it for Fall Festivals and Hallelujah Nights. Or JesusWeens, a concept… Continue Reading “Happy JesusWeen”

Kanye West and His Sunday Service Spiral

Karen and Bonnie discuss Kanye West’s Sunday Services going on around the country. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page And please SUBSCRIBE. Thank you. We Have a SHOP. Check it out and help support our podcast. Karen and Bonnie begin by trying… Continue Reading “Kanye West and His Sunday Service Spiral”

Baby, Baby: Quiver-full (of Crap)

The Quiverfull Movement is all about letting God give you as many babies as possible to build up the Army of God. Think, the Duggars.  We want to make 2 things clear at the get-go: Having a lot of kids is not bad, no… Continue Reading “Baby, Baby: Quiver-full (of Crap)”

This Week on “As the Church Crumbles”

We have a SHOP. Get stickers. You know where to put them. Joshua Harris, Marty Sampson, and Mckrae Game. They’ve done some thinking and the church is not happy about it. We say welcome. Y’all ballers. Joshua Harris renounced Christianity close to the time the… Continue Reading “This Week on “As the Church Crumbles””

Lettersode 3: History According to Sh*tpiles

A full episode of kooky letters. We’ve got ones from Fredzo, Racheal, David, and Bethany. Plus, a surprise one up top. When you’re deep into the church, or being homeschooled, you learn a lot of things too important for your basic historians. They’re saved… Continue Reading “Lettersode 3: History According to Sh*tpiles”

Mo’ Members, Mo’ Scandals: Willow Creek

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/5nm4qc/Willow_Creek-_8_27_19_11_11_PM.mp3 Once you build a 73 million dollar sanctuary, what could go wrong? Willow Creek church in Chicago was the first mainstream mega-church.From keytars and dry ice machines in the 80s to megatrons and coffee shops now, Willow Creek has been rocked by a…wait… Continue Reading “Mo’ Members, Mo’ Scandals: Willow Creek”