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Lettersode 3: History According to Sh*tpiles

A full episode of kooky letters. We’ve got ones from Fredzo, Racheal, David, and Bethany. Plus, a surprise one up top. When you’re deep into the church, or being homeschooled, you learn a lot of things too important for your basic historians. They’re saved… Continue Reading “Lettersode 3: History According to Sh*tpiles”

25: It’s a Team! With Power!

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/x8f5rn/Power_Team_-_7_30_19_10_10_PM.mp3 Listen on: iTunes Stitcher Spotify Overcast Castbox Do you have 3 minutes? Please rate us and even review us on iTunes. It’s how we get in front of more people. Thanks. There’s a link, right there to the right. That’s right, it’s time for your favorite group… Continue Reading “25: It’s a Team! With Power!”