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Thanksgiving Survival Guide

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/9pk42v/Thanksgiving_-_11_26_19_9_32_PM.mp3 Bonnie and Karen shepherd you through the religious obstacles of Thanksgiving dinner. We throw in a history lesson, sprinkle it with some rat urine, and then send you into the lion’s den. Good luck, Champ.

This Week on “As the Church Crumbles”

We have a SHOP. Get stickers. You know where to put them. Joshua Harris, Marty Sampson, and Mckrae Game. They’ve done some thinking and the church is not happy about it. We say welcome. Y’all ballers. Joshua Harris renounced Christianity close to the time the… Continue Reading “This Week on “As the Church Crumbles””

Lettersode 2: Divorces, Hair, and Mormons

Letters and letters! Thanks for writing in. You can send us yours via our website http://www.deconversiontherapypodcast.com. Our first one is from Heather, a kick-ass deconvert who’s been through it. She’s still healing from losing sword drills. Then she tells us about the universal kids’… Continue Reading “Lettersode 2: Divorces, Hair, and Mormons”

25: It’s a Team! With Power!

https://deconversiontherapy.podbean.com/mf/play/x8f5rn/Power_Team_-_7_30_19_10_10_PM.mp3 Listen on: iTunes Stitcher Spotify Overcast Castbox Do you have 3 minutes? Please rate us and even review us on iTunes. It’s how we get in front of more people. Thanks. There’s a link, right there to the right. That’s right, it’s time for your favorite group… Continue Reading “25: It’s a Team! With Power!”