25: It’s a Team! With Power!

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That’s right, it’s time for your favorite group of pumped guys who’ve been traveling from church to church for over 40 years doing feats of strength, The Power Team!

Bonnie missed the huge event at church where they came and blew. us. tweens. away.

The Feats of Strength

The ripping of phone books, the lifting of heavy weights, the bending of fry pans. And then a testimony of how they serve Christ? These were our super heroes. They’re still around 40 years later with dozens of break-off groups.

Vice does it again with a great article covering some of the scandals and mishaps. Patheos does another great one.

This is an episode we’ve wanted to do for a long time. We feel sorry for people who didn’t grow up in the church and get to partake in this beefcake parade.

The uncomfortable image of blowing up a hot water bottle.
The breaking of the bats.

24: Faith Healers Benny Hinn and Katherine Kuhlman

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Karen and Bonnie go through the lives and miracle healing powers of Kathrine Kuhlman and Benny Hill, no, Hinn. Are people really getting cured of cancer and broken backs and whatnot and various sundries? Why are all the people falling backwards when they get healed? And how in the world are these wheeler healers getting their own television shows when we don’t have one?

Benny Hinn

Karen starts out with one of the best-known faith healers, Katherine Kuhlman. You might have never heard of her, but she birthed a whole litter of these guys. She was elegant and magnetic and also talked in a creepy voice.

Katherine Kuhlman

She had her share of scandals, but we must say, being a divorced woman evangelist in the 60s with your own show isn’t bad.

Bonnie gets in to someone who followed Kuhlman, idolized her, studied her–Benny Hinn. You’ve seen him on television. He’s the one people roll their eyes at when he makes a swath of people fall out on stage.

Hinn got caught with televangelist Paula White a few years ago while in Italy. They

Benny Hinn and Paula White

denied it. Then they didn’t. Then they downplayed it. We don’t care. At least the Kardashians admit their vice.

Hinn’s nephew, Costi Hinn, has come out with a book. It’s mainly for Christians, but it says all the things most people know. This is about money and power.






Mentioned on podcast: Josiah Hesse’s Vice article about Jim Bakker.




23: The Cult that Poisoned an Oregon Town

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Rajneesh in Pune, India

Bonnie and Karen talk about the sex cult called the Rajneesh this week. If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, Bonnie goes over it while trying to capture the insanity.

Bagwan Shree Rajneesh, the guru, gathers up well-educated Western followers in Pune, India.

Bagwan Shree Rajneesh

They then all move, with his Rolls Royces, to Antelope, Oregon. That’s when they take over the small town and things go to hell.

This story has orgies, robes, beavers in blenders and on women, bombs, poison, salad bars. It seems like a fictitious story, but it’s very real. Karen tells her own story of being a missionary in India and visiting the Rajneesh ashram with hopes that her presence and under-her-breath prayers will slay the devil and they’ll all repent.

Pune, India Rajneeshpurum

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Caitlin Moran’s Book How to be a Woman

Russell Brand

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22: Lettersode: Listener Letters about Hot Evangelists, The Rapture, and Dancing

It’s a short, summery episode of listeners’ letters!

We’ve got Michelle telling about an insanely long revival that includes a hot evangelist and modesty blankets. Justin writes in about being THAT 13-year-old Christian kid who thinks they’ve cracked the code on when Jesus will return. And, finally, Rachel gives insight into her charismatic church that sparks a painfully embarrassing memory for Karen.

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21: First Annual Kook-Off: Jim Bakker vs Pat Robertson

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Who’s kookier, or old cootier, Jim Bakker or Pat Robertson? We make them go head-to-head on this episode. We’ll post polls on our social media things (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) so you can vote. The winner will get nothing but their already deserved disgrace.

Bonnie got so depressed reading about her guy, Pat Robertson, that she decided to just look up reviews for the Anne Frank book. This is the world we live in!

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 12.29.17 PM
Review for Anne Frank

So we moved on the real event: The Kook-Off. Karen took Jim Bakker, once married to Tammy Faye, involved in a sex scandal with Jessica Hahn, jailed for 5 years for money doo-dah, now back on television with his new wife and selling buckets of goop for the coming END OF TIMES!

Suggestion, slap a piece of wood on top and keep your buckets around the house!
Mmmmmm, shovel-cheese.
Bakker grabs the rice and shoves it in his rice-hole.

Bonnie takes on Pat Robertson. She feels the guy says things before he thinks them through and they get blown up by people who want to laugh at them. Karen says she is that person. Pat actually went to Yale and has a law degree, but he didn’t pass the bar. He also says he was preoccupied with “the ladies” when he was a younger lad. Since then he’s told people to stop their yapping about adulterous husbands and, of course, that every storm is the result of sin. Looking at you, gays!

Pat Robertson and his crooked head.
A pic too horrifying to caption. Donald Trump and Pat Robertson

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20: Jerry Falwell Jr., Michael Cohen, Tom Arnold and Some Pictures

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Bonnie fills Karen in on Jerry Falwell Jr., and the news that something is afoot in his world. The players are a pool boy, Jerry, Jerry’s wife, Michael Cohen and his plaid jacket, and Tom Arnold. Of course, Trump always shows up in anything we discuss when it comes to sketchy “Christians.” Falwell has the sanpaku, an eyeball thing Bonnie is obsessed with. Supposedly, he’s either an addict or crazzzzy.

Gold Members of the Coattails Club: Tom Arnold and Michael Cohen

The story’s still coming out, but there are some revealing pictures of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s

SoBe Hostel Mural

wife, and also a friendship with the pool boy, who went on vacations with them. But it doesn’t stop there! Falwell invested 1.8 Million dollars in the SoBE hostel in Miami Beach that the pool boy started. Could this be why Falwell went from not supporting Trump for president to being all-in and making sure the evangelicals did, too?


Enjoy a romp through this den of vice that is the Falwell hostel.

SoBe Hostel Review

We also read a letter from Sara, who found herself in a cult when she attended a Pentecostal Bible college in Minnesota. It includes pie.

Various shout outs:

Southern Fried Crime Podcast

Twitter of Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz for Trump’s Art of the Deal







19: Shoving Gays Down Preachers’ Throats


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We give a shout-out to Maggie who said she not only noticed we were gone for two weeks but that she missed us. She’s going to get a crown in our heaven one day.

Bonnie gets after the Google doodle on Father’s Day because it depicts ducks, a sore issue with Bonnie. Go listen to episode 1 or 2. One of them goes over the TRUE disposition of those cute, little ducks.unnamed-4

Thennnnn, it’s time to talk about the assholes who are preaching that LGBT people should be killed by the government. They’ve chosen Pride Month to really go off in the most non-Jesus-like way. Grayson Fritts, a pastor in the Knoxville, Tennessee area is also a police detective. You can watch the video here, if you can stomach it.


But wait. There’s more! You also get the Make America Straight Again conference in Orlando, Florida. Orlando Weekly gives details of the loser church that was the headquarters for the conference.

The Friendly Atheist website also gives a nice recounting of the “lowlights” of the conference.

The list of the lead hate-preachers are: Grayson Fritts, Roger Jimenez, Steven Anderson, Aaron Thompson, and Patrick Boyle.


Kudos to Christian Nightmares on Twitter who stayed on YouTube to take down the live feed of the conference, siting hate speech.