Karen and Bonnie

Karen FonzieKaren is a writer and teacher. At 20, she became a missionary, traveling to Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, India, Australia, and Thailand. She’s had preachers lay hands on her to cast out the “demon of intellectualism.” She and her family live in the rusted buckle of the Bible Belt where she is rather unpopular. You can find her at www.karenalea.com and on Twitter.

Leah Fonzie

Bonnie moved home to Florida’s east coast after living in the bubble of New York’s upper west side. Before that she was an entertainment exec in LA, saw how the sausage was made and fled. In LA she got used to saying “Happy Holidays” and still thinks it’s more inclusive. She watches too much Dateline and genuinely wishes she didn’t think so many people were full of shit.

*Henry Winkler pic held up as proof of life, circa 1975.


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