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They Name is Lettersode We love letters. We love them. And reviews. We’re selfish and run on interaction. Thanks for being vulnerable and making us laugh at and with you. Keep them coming! This week we hear about Catholic smudge marks and Pastor Gary. We’re also trying… Continue Reading “They Name is Lettersode”

THESE Shitpiles

How do we keep up with the hellishness of the last week? We push our other recorded episodes down the pike and record fresh because there’s JUST. SO. MUCH. Don’t forget to send your funny, true stories to us OR racist crap you learned… Continue Reading “THESE Shitpiles”

Jews for Jesus and “Unorthodox” Jews for Jesus. Bonnie and Karen spat over their right to exist. As someone of 1% Jewish DNA, Karen explains the Jewish faith, especially Hasidic Jews for which she watched many YouTube videos. They both loved the Netflix series Unorthodox, and now know… Continue Reading “Jews for Jesus and “Unorthodox””

Q and A: The Good Years We sent out a call for listeners to ask Bonnie and Karen questions. On this episode, Bonnie goes into her deconversion, plus they both discuss how and when they “came out” to people about their beliefs, as well as if religion is needed… Continue Reading “Q and A: The Good Years”

Bethel Church’s Biggest Hits We get weekly requests to cover Bethel Church in Redding, CA. You probably know it by the story months ago of a toddler who died and the church believed she would be resurrected although days kept passing. Or perhaps it was from their… Continue Reading “Bethel Church’s Biggest Hits”

Coronavirus and the Religious Whackery

Lettersode 9   Bonnie and Karen are punchy this week. And let us add, we recorded this BEFORE we were derided about how to pronounce “chakras,” so chove it. In this Lettersode, Amanda moves from Japan to land in Louisiana where she went to a… Continue Reading “Lettersode 9”

You’re Going to Carmen We’re back! And who better to kick off the year than with the slickest performer of all–Carmen? Rock, Jazz, Funk, or starring in his own films, he does it all. Even medical anesthesia is no match for him! We’ve missed you. Or was… Continue Reading “You’re Going to Carmen”

Benny Hinn and Toe Tattoos We’re back with our last retro replay. There’s cheeto and toe tattoos, then on with the show. If you like the show, you can support us at Karen and Bonnie go through the lives and miracle healing powers of Kathrine Kuhlman and Benny… Continue Reading “Benny Hinn and Toe Tattoos”

Dry Karen and The Graceful Atheist We’re playing The Graceful Atheist podcast on the show today. A few months ago, David interviewed Karen. His podcast questions are smart and thought-provoking. We hope you enjoy it! You can find some great interviews at You can support the show at Thank… Continue Reading “Dry Karen and The Graceful Atheist”