Shut Up. You’re Not in a Cult, Karen.

Who doesn’t love to hate Westboro Baptist? Those assholes with their signs saying God Hates Fags? Their picketing of soldiers’ funerals. Their outfits made up entirely of sweatshirts.

They’re hillbillies, rednecks, idiots. Ignorant racists who hide from the world then exit to scream hate.

But researching for a podcast episode lately on the church, I listened to Megan Phelps-Roper’s book Unfollow. Damn. Not only did it blow my mind she left the cult, that was her FAMILY, but I knew way less about Westboro than I assumed I did.

They’re lawyers. Lawyers who tried some of the first civil rights cases…

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Who’s This Podcast For??

Our third episode is in the tank! “Tank” is podtalk for posted. Maybe. That’s the thing, we don’t really know much about podcasting. Ha. Yeah, you can tell by the first few episodes. But now we’re excited to be working with Squadcast, so you’ll soon be able to understand what we’re saying!

So, who is our audience? What are we after? Why are we so cute?? These are all reasonable questions. We’ll try and answer that with some bullet points because we learned that in college.

  • We’re for anyone who wants to laugh at themselves, or others (us).
  • For non-religious or non-protestant religious folks who don’t understand what the hell goes on in these evangelical churches and why the men behind the pulpit all have such thick, lustrous hair. images
  • For our late 70s and 80s pals who remember layering on Kissing Potion until your teeth took on a filmy gloss.
  • For those ex-Christian and exvangelical heathens who have been traumatized while leaving and just need a laugh.
  • For those ex-Baptists like us who are still horrified to try drugs due to our puritan upbringing but want to some chilllll.
  • This podcast can be listened by Christians. Uh-huh. Because we aren’t a hate group. The podcast isn’t about bashing, it’s about funny stories from our past. Enjoy where we’re coming from because we were like you for a longggg time.
  • For all those who know who Rich Mullins was or had a bead bracelet that was supposed to walk you through sharing with friends your conversion story. salvation-bracelet-9110-main-e
  • If you know what Evangelism Explosion was or The Sweet Comfort Band.
  • If you ever wanted something really bad and you prayed about it and let your Bible fall open and your finger go to a random verse you felt God was leading you to and squished and bent and skewed that verse to make it validate the answer you wanted anyway. Yeah. screen shot 2019-01-24 at 12.49.27 pm
  • If you are bored out of your mind…

Give us a listen.



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