Flordelis dos Santos de Souza

Adopted kids. Weird marriage. Gospel music. Murder.

This story has almost as many twists and turns as the name Flordelis dos Santos de Souza itself.

Listen below:

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Flordelis is just your average woman with 3 kids, raising them on her own. Perhaps due to boredom or a true heart to bring kids out of the poverty she was raised in, she adopted 5 teenagers. TEENAGERS. FIVE. Teenagers, like, eat a lot. And they are always pissed at everything. This woman is a saint. So saintly she went ahead and adopted more. MORE. The end total is upwards of 50, although the exact number is up for debate. But, really, once you pass 7, does it matter?

Just SOME of the adoptees.

Flordelis became well-known in Brazil, even having a film made of her because of adoption story. Gorgeous, famous actors starred in it for free just so this heart-warming story could get out to the masses. And I don’t just mean the masses of adopted children she has.

If only she had time to find a husband. But, wait! What do they say is the main factor in finding a soulmate? Location, location, location. Flordelis married one of her adopted sons! Not sketchy enough? That son had also dated Flordelis’s biological daughter.

I’m surrrre that was the only strange sex mess going on in a house of 55 people.

Moving on (but not emotionally), during this time, she becomes a gospel singer. I don’t know when this happens or if she’s any good and I don’t really care to know either. Once married to her adopted son ex-possible son-in-law, the two of them start…wait for it…a church. Three churches.

As performers know, if no one wants you to sing or act, start your own company. Now Flordelis had somewhere to sing every Sunday and her husband preached. It must have been profitable enough to help feed the “children.”

Soooo, are you a mother? How’s that homeschooling going? Oh, you can’t do everything, you say? Why are you so deficient? Flordelis had a massive amount of children, a gospel singing career, 3 churches AND THEN she ran for congress. AND WON.

The party she won with is a Christian party because Brazil doesn’t fool itself by pretending church and state aren’t mixed.

The woman is everywhere. She was on talk shows, meeting important people, singing, congressing. And, after doing the math, spending 2 quality minutes with each adopted or bio child. Or her child husband thing.

Then last year…her son/husband was found shot!

I won’t bore you with possible scenarios because we all know what’s coming by how much time I spent on the woman. But she didn’t shoot him herself. One of her sons did with the help of some others. Supposedly Flordelis didn’t like the way he handled the money, blah, blah, blah.

Because she was a Christian ✝️ she said she couldn’t divorce. Enjoy the logic.

And soon it comes out that Flordelis and her daughter (who was also the ex-girlfriend of her stepfather/brother) had teamed up together–as exes like to do–and had tried to poison him previously. There are hospital records of him having severe diarrhea.

Lock her up! Lock her up! We all chant in unison.

Oh, I’m sorry, they can’t. She has parliamentary immunity! They have, however, arrested one or more of the children (they’re 18 or over, I think) who helped.

The husband/son/ex/brother/pastor was shot 30 times! Many in the groin, which leads me to believe there might have even been some other sex-related reasons for the killing or at least the anger behind it. That’s fucked up either way.

After the story broke, more information came out on this family. It seemed there was a hierarchy in the house among the kids–a sort of varsity league/JV situation. Some were fed decent food, others just bread.

Some people who knew the family summed it up well. It was a cult. You had a religious leader and and 55 followers.

It’s disgusting and fascinating. There are rumors of one of the daughters being offered to an American evangelist. Yikes. Which one could it be??

In the coming months and weeks I’m sure we’ll hear more about this case. Other politicians (one who is ALSO a gospel singer) are trying to change some rules so she can be sent to jail.

We’ll keep you updated!

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