Stop Feuchting with Americans

This guy! Sean Feucht. What an arrogant, dangerous asshole.

We’ve had a lot of listeners ask us to look into this grifter and we were shocked at what we found. I don’t know why we keep getting shocked. The Jerry Falwell Jr scandal just split wide open and he stepped down from Liberty University just last night. Buttttt, for all the damage Falwell has done–and helping get Trump elected is a HUGE one–this jort-wearing, Airstream-owning, Instagram-savior, poser, Sean Feucht is an actual health menace.

THIS GUY sees himself as the only one who can spread Jesus right now. Damn the rules. Jesus NEEDS people singing. Jesus isn’t powerful enough to keep people from COVID-19 AND be in their hearts. So, he sent Sean. Sean, who brings his arrogance to cities across the country where young, idealistic people gather to worship, then take home the virus to their families. Will we ever hear about those cases? Doubtful.

Here he is, stretching his arm across 3 other people to make sure he touches the edge of Trump’s garment. You can see all his shots online because, you know, humility.

Here is the list of cities he has scheduled for gatherings. Please call your city officials if he is headed to your town. He will say this is about trying to silence the church, or outlaw praise and worship. This is about someone willfully putting people in harm’s way and asking them to donate so he can do to the next city.

God damn, this guy.

August 28

New Jersey

Christian International Church | 99 1 Bridges Rd | 6pm EST

August 29

New York, NY

Washington Square Park | 6pm EST

August 30

Boston, MA

Boston Commons | 4pm EST

September 3

Salem, Or

200 Water St NE | 6pm PST

September 4

Vancouver, WA

Waterfront Park | 6pm PST

September 6

Sacramento, CA

Capitol Building | 5pm PST

September 7

Seattle, WA

Gasworks Park | 6pm

September 11

Fort Collins, CO

Town Square | 6pm

September 12

Colorado Springs, CO

Memorial Park | 10am

September 13

Minneapolis, MN

10 W Lake St | 6pm

September 14

Madison, WI

Steps of State Capital | 6pm

September 15

Milwaukee, WI

Veterans Memorial | 6pm

September 16

Chicago, IL

TBD | 6pm

September 17

Cleveland, OH

Edgewater Park Beach | 6pm


Feucht – 8:25:20, 9.06 PM

[00:01:00] Bonnie: [00:01:00] Hi everyone. And welcome to deconversion therapy. The podcast. This is Bonnie and.

[00:01:20] Karen: [00:01:20] Karen and,

[00:01:23] Bonnie: [00:01:23] and no one else and you are welcome. Um,

[00:01:29] Karen: [00:01:29] you’re welcome to have us.

[00:01:32] Bonnie: [00:01:32] You’re welcome. What no one said. Thank you. Um, so, so a way we should say thank you. We got the nicest review and it baffled the hell out of me when you sent it to me because it’s like, Oh, the, these people say funny things and, you know, nice things, nice things.

[00:01:52] And, um, I cause I can’t remember what the review said, although it was positive. Um, and when you send it to me, [00:02:00] my first thought was is Karen secretly rerecording these with somebody else, putting them out there.

[00:02:06] Karen: [00:02:06] And now how could that be us for me to tell you something that’s right. Me and Kathy Griffith this podcast, I went tight for years.

[00:02:17] Um,

[00:02:18] Bonnie: [00:02:18] It was just it’s nice. It was just so strange hearing somebody say something about somebody else, and then you realize, Oh, it’s us. And thank you

[00:02:28] Karen: [00:02:28] because

[00:02:30] Bonnie: [00:02:30] it comes from our heart. And I guess our brains

[00:02:33] Karen: [00:02:33] too, but

[00:02:34] Bonnie: [00:02:34] it’s, it’s, it’s just lovely having somebody else in on the conversation.

[00:02:40] Karen: [00:02:40] Yeah.

[00:02:41] Bonnie: [00:02:41] And you can’t say anything,

[00:02:43] Karen: [00:02:43] right.

[00:02:44] We would like to review your review. Thank you. These words, we loved this. It’s missing a comma. Um, yeah.

[00:02:54] Bonnie: [00:02:54] Yeah. So Karen would like, would like you to know that if you are. Inclined another review [00:03:00] like that from anybody else would be really helpful for algorithms and technology things.

[00:03:05] Karen: [00:03:05] Yeah. And to tell the truth, it just really keeps you and I motivated because we are just sitting in separate houses, talking into microphones.

[00:03:17] So we don’t. Really have a lot of feedback some of the time. So feedback is always great. We appreciate it and keeps us, you know, it’s like, um, what’s his name? Not gene Simmons. The other Seth

[00:03:33] Bonnie: [00:03:33] Meyers. He’s been doing a show in the attic and nobody’s. Responding for months.

[00:03:40] Karen: [00:03:40] I was thinking more the exercise guy that Richard, yes.

[00:03:46] Where you have someone who’s like, you can do it, go, you’ve got this, you know, and you just play off that energy. We need red energy, so same

[00:03:58] Bonnie: [00:03:58] way, because a great place [00:04:00] for the energy is our secret Facebook group. It’s not secret, but you do have to answer some questions and Karen will grant you entry to it.

[00:04:08] But we have a lot of really fun conversations going on on there, and people are very positive and uplifting and, uh, nobody knocks anybody down and it’s a nice place.

[00:04:22] Karen: [00:04:22] So the other place that people are really active is Instagram. And, and there’s last few days I posted a question on Twitter and Instagram about, you know, what did you always just assume was true when you were a Christian that later you found out wasn’t and whether you’re still a Christian, not et cetera.

[00:04:45] And mine was that Paul never met Jesus. Like I just. That blew my mind. I had always assumed. So all these people kept putting up amazing things and some I had never thought [00:05:00] of, and it just kept going and going, Twitter got more like scholarly. Like you bring this in and you do this, but ours was. Yeah.

[00:05:10] Every years was scholarly

[00:05:12] Bonnie: [00:05:12] enough for me. I’m like, Paul never met Jesus and I’m like, Oh crap, who was Paul?

[00:05:18] Karen: [00:05:18] Mmm that’s cause you weren’t a Christian Bonnie. So we’ve gone over this. I don’t have a good

[00:05:24] Bonnie: [00:05:24] memory for these things.

[00:05:27] Karen: [00:05:27] Well, he’s the one that started the church. So it’s sort of important to, to imagine he had met Jesus.

[00:05:36] Now, the story is he quotes met him. Um, I know mean walking down a dusty road, his name was Saul. He sees a vision. It’s Jesus, bam, your name’s Paul now. And um, I remember that. Yeah, you get to be white. You’re blessed. Go forth, make a [00:06:00] church. Oh, you’re not married. Have an issue with either homosexuality or women in general.

[00:06:07] Make sure you just slam that in there. So everyone gets fired. Yeah. So I, yeah, I thought he did met him and other ones were like, I’d always assumed that the gospels were written by the disciples and

[00:06:24] Bonnie: [00:06:24] guys who they were named

[00:06:25] Karen: [00:06:25] after, or the ones they were named after either, or, you know, they are not, it wasn’t either.

[00:06:34] And then, yeah, and it just kept going on in one, on one that was really good was so. The whole facility, um, let’s make my words correct. The whole prophecy about Jesus was fulfilling the old Testament because there was a prophecy that in the line of King David, there would be a Messiah. So, um, and that’s [00:07:00] that same great King David who, uh, cheated on his wife and had, um, the husband killed and war because he wanted to get it on with Sheba.

[00:07:12] Anyway, so there. Uh, someone brought up, how can Jesus really be in the line of David? If lineage is traced to the father and Joseph was not Israel father, so someone is going to be like, Oh, well, it’s blot and it’s blocked and it’s blah, but we’re looking at it. With this wide camera angle these days, like when you’re in it, you’re like, Oh, that’s because, um, you know, he was accepted into the family of Joseph and Joseph is his earthly father, just like we ever leave fathers and it can go on and on.

[00:07:58] But when you stand back, you’re [00:08:00] like, Yeah. What the fuck was that about?

[00:08:04] Bonnie: [00:08:04] Yeah. And even then when you ask some questions that have logical. Implications the answers are sometimes, well, just don’t worry about it. It’s like just the frustrating. Hm.

[00:08:15] Karen: [00:08:15] Right. No,

[00:08:17] Bonnie: [00:08:17] don’t ask that and you’ll be fine.

[00:08:19] Karen: [00:08:19] Yeah. You just have to know it in your heart, Bonnie.

[00:08:22] I feel things have changed in my heart. I, you know, I feel things I see. I

[00:08:28] Bonnie: [00:08:28] find it hard to believe something could change that drastically that long ago. If only in our lifetime, they changed the. Um, the lineage requirements for the King of England, you know, now, now it goes all to, uh, Prince William’s family, even, even the daughter.

[00:08:52] And before that wasn’t the case. So that just happened in our lifetimes. So I don’t know that they were bending the rules that much back [00:09:00] then.

[00:09:00] Karen: [00:09:00] And if they were bending the rules, I was thinking, okay, say you’re in the lineage of David, which is, you know, okay. You’re the highest, you’re a Kennedy and those times you’re, you’re supposedly up there.

[00:09:15] Wouldn’t you be able to use that to get in an, in. Just the like,

[00:09:22] Bonnie: [00:09:22] but you know who I am.

[00:09:24] Karen: [00:09:24] Yeah. I’m at the line of de fit. Why wasn’t that used? So it opened up a lot more of my deep scholarly, philosophical knowledge in my brain. Uh huh. Yeah, no, it just I’m like, yeah, but anyway, it’s really fun on Instagram and, um, Always send me memes.

[00:09:49] You can DM them to me. I steal them from you. I steal them from the Facebook group. I don’t care. I’m not moral anymore. [00:10:00] I’m not a Christian

[00:10:01] Bonnie: [00:10:01] anymore.

[00:10:02] Karen: [00:10:02] And so now into my neighborhood, into

[00:10:07] Bonnie: [00:10:07] your neighborhood, let me, let me just pause for a second and tell you that I wish I could stop watching what’s going on outside my window.

[00:10:15] Karen: [00:10:15] What’s that all these

[00:10:16] Bonnie: [00:10:16] Turkey vultures, and I don’t know what they’re eating, but yesterday one was working on some kind of little rodent kind of thing. And I guess now they’ve decided this is the place to look.

[00:10:27] Karen: [00:10:27] Yeah, I guess. I mean, Kevin’s hidden or maybe they’re Hawks there probably isn’t Oh, Turkey filters are super ugly.

[00:10:36] You would know. Well, I’m not that close, that ugly travels, you know? Alright. Um,

[00:10:44] Bonnie: [00:10:44] okay. So anyway, back to your neighborhood

[00:10:46] Karen: [00:10:46] in my neighborhood, there’s some Turkey vultures who are disguise. Did you hear my door open? That’s my dog. Okay. Hold on.

[00:10:59] Bonnie: [00:10:59] Let’s go in [00:11:00] on, in here.

[00:11:01] Karen: [00:11:01] Okay. I have to leave that open because guess who the vet put on antianxiety meds? Yes. Oh man. So he is he’s blind in one eye. He’s going deaf and he just needs to be around me all the time. And he shakes and awe it’s the usual male reaction to me. So my neighborhood, someone posts a picture in our community page, which now I’ve found out we have like eight community pages because everyone’s breaking off into their own, you know, political and philosophical, uh, areas, sir.

[00:11:46] One of the main ones, posts a picture of a gathering at a restaurant. Oh, it was so good to celebrate poop and shit. And everyone’s grinning. No, one’s in mass. They’re just all sitting around the [00:12:00] table like usual and. Unless so fucking tired of it. And of course, someone responds with like, okay, this is the problem, you know, wearing mass are good and blah, blah, blah.

[00:12:15] And, um, that comment got taken down for political reasons. I’m like, Oh, it’s political. It’s insane. And my husband and I were talking about. You know, this is unsafe, we’re in an unsafe, uh, area, but then in general, we’re in an unsafe country. We’re dying at an amazing rate, far more than Europe that locked all that shit down.

[00:12:51] And then it’s like, we can’t even go there cause no one’s accepting us. And if we did go there. Would we be [00:13:00] refugees. We be like, we are from a country where people are dying every day and we’re in danger. It’s insane.

[00:13:13] Bonnie: [00:13:13] There is a strangeness to me where people being asked to wear masks that they’re feeling oppressed.

[00:13:21] Karen: [00:13:21] Oh yeah.

[00:13:22] Bonnie: [00:13:22] There’s and like, if you talk to any, if you talk to anybody who’s been oppressed, that’s not oppression and it’s baffling to me. So is this just their reaction? Like. To, uh, to the protests that happened.

[00:13:41] Karen: [00:13:41] I don’t know. I think it’s a lot with the leader who said it, you know, that everyone has the right.

[00:13:48] And that’s what was happening on this Facebook page. It’s like, yes, that’s my other dog freaking out. He also needs things. IAT meds. Yeah, his [00:14:00] shit. And he’s like three pounds. Okay. But, um, actually he’s had some COVID-19 the vet said,

[00:14:09] so, you know, people are like, um, Well, everyone has a right to make their own decisions and it keeps getting thrown out that that masks are not just for you, but for other people, like you’re making the decision for someone else, which is exactly the kind of government you don’t want, but they doing it.

[00:14:33] Bonnie: [00:14:33] Okay. So the only thing I can equate it to is like helmet laws for motorcyclists.

[00:14:39] Karen: [00:14:39] Right. And of course, part of that

[00:14:40] Bonnie: [00:14:40] is. Protecting their noggins. Great. Okay. But another part of it is okay. If we have to invest the resources and scraping you up off of the street, taking an ambulance to a hospital and the resources of the staff at the hospital treating you, [00:15:00] you know, not to mention your own insurance, whether you have that or not, don’t you want to be don’t you want a lesson, you know, putting those resources to work.

[00:15:09] And with

[00:15:09] Karen: [00:15:09] COVID, if there’s a chance

[00:15:11] Bonnie: [00:15:11] of making this smaller, the population that has it, why wouldn’t we want to do that? And just not overstress the people in the hospitals,

[00:15:22] Karen: [00:15:22] right. And the  yeah, the economy in general, they want the economy back. Can you not stay mass? And at home whenever possible for three fucking weeks, do that.

[00:15:35] What is the need? Maybe if you see that you just have to go out, you can get some therapy online and go through like, what is in me that feels like and be alone. And that’s okay. Because it’s a weird time. People come out of this, the same as they went in, that means they were assholes the same, the whole time

[00:16:01] [00:16:00] in church, you know, they said true joy is Jesus. There’s in yourself now it’s Jijo.

[00:16:13] Bonnie: [00:16:13] No, it’s just

[00:16:14] Karen: [00:16:14] G or E. I don’t know, it’s just totally fucked up. And it’s the same Christians who are doing it. Yeah. All

[00:16:25] Bonnie: [00:16:25] the O is gone. You’re right. The Oh, is, is, is gone. And, and the only thing is the other, the other wise are the other.

[00:16:36] Little versions of yourself running around churches.

[00:16:40] Karen: [00:16:40] Yeah.

[00:16:41] Bonnie: [00:16:41] Or the people who think exactly like you. I mean, I don’t want to kill people who think differently than I do

[00:16:47] Karen: [00:16:47] no. Come on them to die on their own. But I think I like your helmet thing. I think more about. It not being a law, but it being the standard that you [00:17:00] put your kid, who’s not potty trained in a diaper before you get in the pool.

[00:17:05] Those are the pool roles because they have to show up down all the time and drain out your kid’s diarrhea or it’s poop log or whatever. And. It can damage other people and it costs resources.

[00:17:21] Bonnie: [00:17:21] So lawn that’s great because if I’m in a pool and I see a kid coming in with a diaper, even if it’s sanctioned for swim wear,

[00:17:32] That’s too close for me.

[00:17:34] Karen: [00:17:34] Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s, it’s a very small, you know, ask, so it’s not like right. They should go in the kiddie pool, which is also called the toilet. Alright. So,

[00:17:51] Bonnie: [00:17:51] I mean, if you want your own pool, go get a house with a pool, but if you’re sharing a pool.

[00:17:58] Karen: [00:17:58] Oh, God [00:18:00] Jaipur.

[00:18:00] Bonnie: [00:18:00] Some of that diarrhea seeping out

[00:18:03] Karen: [00:18:03] the new diapers can really suck that in.

[00:18:05] You know, they’re pretty, they can be pretty good at it, but I, it depends on, you know, Well, it depends what your kid ate because when she was little got into the dried apricots, we sent her to mother’s day out. They could keep it in the diaper. It was going out the sides. It was, they kept changing. Um, and yeah.

[00:18:34] Bonnie: [00:18:34] Mother’s day was just a whole bunch of phone calls. What did you feed this child? Oh my gosh.

[00:18:45] Karen: [00:18:45] Well that brings us right into who I think is a bioterrorist. People have requested. We do an episode on and who is now? My arch nemesis is [00:19:00] Sean  and yes, it’s spelled like fucked, but sadly

[00:19:06] Bonnie: [00:19:06] E C H T.

[00:19:09] Karen: [00:19:09] Yes. I listened to a podcast with him on which I’m really, I’ve got PTSD from that.

[00:19:16] And it’s we want

[00:19:17] Bonnie: [00:19:17] to have that time of your life back.

[00:19:19] Karen: [00:19:19] Yeah, it’s pronounced foil. And of course his first name has to be the Shaun that’s spelled like CN, but, you know, so why don’t you describe, you know, his physical appearance?

[00:19:36] Bonnie: [00:19:36] All right. So he’s white

[00:19:42] Karen: [00:19:42] and you know what that cause that comes in later

[00:19:48] Bonnie: [00:19:48] and, um, no, he’s got kind of yellowy blonde hair and it’s long and he’s got ringlets and I, I was telling you before we got [00:20:00] on the podcast, like, I didn’t want to talk about his looks because to me.

[00:20:04] That’s an immediate giveaway of, of judgment.

[00:20:08] Karen: [00:20:08] I just think it’s a,

[00:20:10] Bonnie: [00:20:10] what

[00:20:11] Karen: [00:20:11] I disagree.

[00:20:13] Bonnie: [00:20:13] Oh, good.

[00:20:13] Karen: [00:20:13] Okay. I’m going to hide

[00:20:16] Bonnie: [00:20:16] this.

[00:20:17] Karen: [00:20:17] I would never make fun of his natural looks, but I will make fun of his affected image that he has tried to make. And that is his hair. Which he has done on purpose to look cool and instant Grammy and California and hip and music minister.

[00:20:38] And it’s the same hair I had in college because the front quote, bang area, which is still long. Is he sort of, I guess, blow dries or makes it a little straight and tuck sack

[00:20:55] Bonnie: [00:20:55] behind the ear.

[00:20:56] Karen: [00:20:56] Yeah. Yeah. So I know that hairdo, but [00:21:00] I think it’s, you know, what people choose how they choose to present themselves.

[00:21:06] If they’re charlatans, I think it’s fair game.

[00:21:11] Bonnie: [00:21:11] But you and I are saying the same thing, cause I’m not making fun of what he looks like. You know, the raw data, I’m saying the same thing you are when you make the decision to grow your hair out and have it styled and done like that. That’s an image. And to me, those decisions go along with some other

[00:21:29] Karen: [00:21:29] decisions like the jorts.

[00:21:33] Bonnie: [00:21:33] Does he wear

[00:21:34] Karen: [00:21:34] shorts? He wears tight above the knee.

[00:21:39] Bonnie: [00:21:39] Oh,

[00:21:40] Karen: [00:21:40] jorts and his bare foot, the rest of the way. Cause he hit, he cool. He free spirited.

[00:21:47] Bonnie: [00:21:47] Wait, George is Jean shorts.

[00:21:49] Karen: [00:21:49] Correct? So and jeggings.

[00:21:53] Bonnie: [00:21:53] So he’s not wearing jeggings. I’m sorry.

[00:21:55] Karen: [00:21:55] That was my first hearing. Cutoff, jeggings long [00:22:00] odd. Long George or shrunken capris.

[00:22:03] You can think of it in any way you want, but it is just the right above the knee. Tight jeans

[00:22:12] Bonnie: [00:22:12] above the knee. Yeah. Okay.

[00:22:15] Karen: [00:22:15] Would you like me to send you a picture?

[00:22:19] Bonnie: [00:22:19] You’re welcome to send me a picture. I’m just picturing, like there, there are a lot of certain. Guys who I knew in California who were Jean shorts like that, but they were below the knee.

[00:22:34] And I always thought like, Oh my gosh, when did gestalt were in CU

[00:22:39] Karen: [00:22:39] and only,

[00:22:41] Bonnie: [00:22:41] but everything is cyclical.

[00:22:43] Karen: [00:22:43] Yeah. Now the one I sent you, it’s not, they’re not as tight as another photo. Ryan found

[00:22:51] Bonnie: [00:22:51] Cod God’s sake. Okay. And you know what? They have to be tight cause he’s little.

[00:22:57] Karen: [00:22:57] Yeah, I think he is sort of little [00:23:00] and he, uh, you know, some narrows, he wears like a Seattle tank top or a cool tee shirt.

[00:23:07] He’s not about dressing up or doing anything like that. He’s

[00:23:13] Bonnie: [00:23:13] just, this look is curated.

[00:23:16] Karen: [00:23:16] Yes, very curated. And remind me to get back to that curation idea. Later I’ve so many things. So,

[00:23:27] Bonnie: [00:23:27] you know what the sad part is this picture that you sent me as clearly on the beaches in California, because you could see the mountains in the background.

[00:23:34] Karen: [00:23:34] Yep. And there’s my beach so we can start there.

[00:23:40] Bonnie: [00:23:40] Okay. Well, there’s such a haze in the background. And do you remember seeing the

[00:23:43] Karen: [00:23:43] pictures of Los

[00:23:44] Bonnie: [00:23:44] Angeles when everybody was on lockdown and the smog had lifted?

[00:23:48] Karen: [00:23:48] Yeah.

[00:23:49] Bonnie: [00:23:49] Why would we not want that?

[00:23:51] Karen: [00:23:51] Why

[00:23:51] Bonnie: [00:23:51] do we somehow get the, the information fed to us that it’s better

[00:23:57] Karen: [00:23:57] to

[00:23:58] Bonnie: [00:23:58] have all the cars on the road [00:24:00] and abuse the

[00:24:00] Karen: [00:24:00] planet?

[00:24:03] That’s not haze. That’s the Holy spirit moving.

[00:24:11] He might’ve seen this Sean Guy in the news, he’s making the rounds because he feels that there is an agenda to the government locking down singing. He’s like, you know, but in churches, what

[00:24:29] Bonnie: [00:24:29] are everywhere in churches are everywhere.

[00:24:32] Karen: [00:24:32] He. He pretty much States it like everywhere. So that’s what the interesting part is.

[00:24:41] He has a very blatant. Argument that is, um, it’s very not, it’s very superficial as in, he doesn’t have one that you have to wrestle with and look up and figure [00:25:00] out and think about, okay, it’s just plain wrong. He’s like, you know, the government, you can still go in. Home Depot. You can still go in Costco, but they don’t want us to sing.

[00:25:15] Think about that. They don’t want us to sing. I think they

[00:25:18] Bonnie: [00:25:18] don’t want you to and close proximity to one another.

[00:25:21] Karen: [00:25:21] Yeah. And you’re

[00:25:22] Bonnie: [00:25:22] not going to sing in home Depot when you’re looking for a hammer.

[00:25:26] Karen: [00:25:26] Right. And those required, and this is about gathering. The mandate is about gathering. It’s not about your fucking singing.

[00:25:36] It’s about, yeah. Getting in groups. So try st. You is Pismo beach and you can see that there are people together. They’ve got their eyes closed or they’re filming with their camera and they are not six feet apart and they, okay.

[00:25:59] Bonnie: [00:25:59] I see a [00:26:00] couple people with masks on.

[00:26:02] Karen: [00:26:02] Well, that’s they get, you know, claps. Um, and I mean,

[00:26:06] Bonnie: [00:26:06] what, what I’m saying is that tells you when this was taken.

[00:26:11] Karen: [00:26:11] Oh, for sure. In the era

[00:26:13] Bonnie: [00:26:13] of masks.

[00:26:14] Karen: [00:26:14] So that’s what we’re going to get even more into is. So he did this one, um, he did another gathering. Under the sundial bridge and Redding, because Sean Feucht is a music dude at Bethel church, which we’ve discussed before now. Bethel church has made it very clear that they aren’t behind these gatherings, which I don’t know why they are playing it like that.

[00:26:49] If that’s just a, a way I don’t know. Um, but. Sean Feucht said on a podcast I listened to the [00:27:00] constitution has no where that it would take the rights from the church. It said, you know, the church says it can’t do. I mean, constitution said it will never do that. So then they have no rights. To break up or tell us we can’t gather and sing.

[00:27:18] I’m like, see, you’re, you’re taking it wrong again. You’re just not looking at it for the plain fact of it. So Sean went to oral Roberts university and that’s the end? No,

[00:27:37] Bonnie: [00:27:37] unfortunately named. Oral Roberts

[00:27:40] Karen: [00:27:40] I now. And, uh, and he wears shorts, but after he did the gathering that he did, um, wherever Shasta County is that the health authorities warn the attendees that, you know, this [00:28:00] is unsafe, you were being unsafe.

[00:28:02] And they asked everyone who went to quarantine themselves for 14 days. Well, please

[00:28:09] Bonnie: [00:28:09] people aren’t going to do that,

[00:28:11] Karen: [00:28:11] but it’s sort of it’s the, after the fact thing, because Sean Feucht started this and let’s bring back in the whiteness, the long blonde hair, he sticks out like a light bulb, a disarray of a cue tip, and he went to.

[00:28:32] George Floyd Jr’s, Memorial and Minneapolis, and started his praise band crap. He was went into the middle of this black community that was in mourning. And that had their own DJs and music set up and he started his and the others had to turn theirs off the people from that [00:29:00] community because his speakers were louder than theirs.

[00:29:04] Bonnie: [00:29:04] That is just, that is just a reaction to one group who was being oppressed and acting like, Oh, well, no, we’re oppressed too. Me too.

[00:29:15] Karen: [00:29:15] And, or, Hey, let’s look in tagging using

[00:29:18] Bonnie: [00:29:18] them.

[00:29:19] Karen: [00:29:19] Well, uh, he, in his mind, he said, yeah, what happened was terrible. And you know, it was a crime and all this. They’re going to need me to go there.

[00:29:31] They’re going to need me to bring back God into these places, because as he said in this podcast, I’m a missionary first, you know, cause America, right. I heard a God. Um, I’m a missionary, I’m a speaker. I’m an author. I’m a musician. I’m a father. Um, you know, he does the, I am, I am, I am. And the [00:30:00] Udacity to go to that neighborhood and drown out the people from that community is disgusting.

[00:30:09] Bonnie: [00:30:09] It sounds like also he’s going where the cameras are.

[00:30:13] Karen: [00:30:13] How you know that

[00:30:15] Bonnie: [00:30:15] I don’t know

[00:30:16] Karen: [00:30:16] you are correct Dao.

[00:30:18] Bonnie: [00:30:18] It sounds like he’s trying to keep, um, an image up and, uh, keep his views up. And I don’t know, maybe monetize all

[00:30:27] Karen: [00:30:27] this possibly, possibly, possibly. So he. He goes there. And I love a foundation blog from someone it’s called among the olive

[00:30:43] And she wrote really well. And she was like, What foil fails to get is many Apolis is not a third world country where he can exercise his toxic, save your company flex like, Ooh, bam. And she said [00:31:00] to add insult to injury. He’s censored, everyone that has respectfully asked him to read the room by deleting their comments from his Instagram or blocking them on Twitter.

[00:31:13] You know, that make me mad. Luckily I have five accounts I’m going to get in there. Mmm Hmm. And then she said a lot of the captions for his Instagram posts from Minneapolis, have the phrase, change the narrative. And he’s definitely doing that in plain sight. But what else might want to expect from the guide that published his campaign logo?

[00:31:39] Over an image of Martin Luther King, jr. And then used it to condemn abortion. So

[00:31:49] Bonnie: [00:31:49] champagne.

[00:31:50] Karen: [00:31:50] Yep.

[00:31:51] Bonnie: [00:31:51] What did he campaign for?

[00:31:52] Karen: [00:31:52] He ran for Congress.

[00:31:55] Bonnie: [00:31:55] Okay. So it is, it’s just about keeping up, uh, [00:32:00] A publicity

[00:32:01] Karen: [00:32:01] image. Yes, he is. Now he came in third out of two. No, he came in third. He’s like, I’m an outsider. I just want to serve the people.

[00:32:12] And he ran for something and S and California’s third district. That’s all I remember. He didn’t win, but he feels, again, you know, that God is missing from everything. And so he’s the one. He’s the one to bring it in. I love the olive tree woman because she called it arrogant theology and I’m like, that’s it?

[00:32:40] And we’re seeing it more and more. So, yes, not only did he run for Congress. Um, and at the same time, He’s a Trump supporter, but he has tried to do GoFund me’s so he could remodel [00:33:00] his I’m going to let you guess no dresses. You seen how his hair is? What would he try? Evelyn across the country and RV? What kind?

[00:33:11] What would a Winnebago? No.

[00:33:15] Bonnie: [00:33:15] Oh, that silver one.

[00:33:17] Karen: [00:33:17] Remodelling his Airstream trailer. He needs money and to support his ministry. So he has started these ministries, like these nonprofits that are going into dangerous places like Iraq and, and Minneapolis and, you know, bringing God and all this shit. So that’s the thing.

[00:33:43] Bonnie: [00:33:43] If you think God is missing, then maybe. It, maybe people are having God in their houses and you’re just not seeing it. Maybe God doesn’t need to be in the book, places that we all look. And it’s an okay thing for you just [00:34:00] to have him in your house. It’s like, um, it’s like those little figurines. They don’t need to be everywhere.

[00:34:06] What were they called?

[00:34:08] Karen: [00:34:08] Okay. We were just that

[00:34:10] Bonnie: [00:34:10] brand with the big heads,

[00:34:12] Karen: [00:34:12] uh, my little eyeballs, uh, precious moments. Yeah.

[00:34:18] Bonnie: [00:34:18] It’s like a precious moments. Figurine. If they’re, they’re not, they don’t need to be missing from the big stage. Have

[00:34:24] Karen: [00:34:24] them in your home. Yeah, he’s saying to me, his guide isn’t strong enough.

[00:34:31] Isn’t powerful enough. To exist right now during COVID, without him being out there without Sean being out there. You know, Sean is the one that can do all this. He gets to help God, because I guess he’s, God’s a little weak, maybe a little lazy. He’s not busy, you know, curing COVID, but he’s doing totally, there’s something that he’s [00:35:00] been trying to do, getting his face on toast and all that

[00:35:03] Bonnie: [00:35:03] he’s out there.

[00:35:04] Deputizing humans, as opposed to, you know, doing. The job of curing it.

[00:35:11] Karen: [00:35:11] So this Shawn, um, he now there are counter protests because he keeps gathering, keeps saying, we’re going to have prayer. This is a revival. And what he really. Is also doing is he is coming off of once again, the protests. So when they’re gathering, he is saying, this is a protest that they’re trying to stop church or God being in the world and being in the U S

[00:35:47] Bonnie: [00:35:47] there is the option of gathering and encouraging the prevention.

[00:35:51] Of this disease or spreading it. Why can’t you do both?

[00:35:56] Karen: [00:35:56] Why can’t you, you know, do [00:36:00] something besides gathering without mass, putting people, especially young people who might not, uh, have all their faculties developed in their brains yet. Because I think you don’t start really developing empathy until you’re 25.

[00:36:16] If they say the neurologists do and Oh, that’s interesting. So I think. You know, it’s really, that’s why I think it’s, it’s this weird form of terrorism that he’s gathering these people and that it’s seen as a protest in his mind equal to black lives matter. Like he’s just totally co-opting. That’s what I was going to say.

[00:36:45] Bonnie: [00:36:45] Well, it’s great. When, when you say you’re being oppressed, it puts you in the role of the victim.

[00:36:50] Karen: [00:36:50] Yes. So good for him.

[00:36:52] Bonnie: [00:36:52] So he’s made himself a victim,

[00:36:54] Karen: [00:36:54] right? I hope maybe his hair falls out from it. Cause it’s hard to look at. [00:37:00] Alright. So a few other things. So people are now doing counter protests when he does these gatherings and I found on Twitter, it said, um, counter protest.

[00:37:12] Esther, maybe it’s wine. I don’t know, are being louder and disrupting his concert, little spats and yelling matches with people. A Trump hat was stolen and given back, it’s getting bad there. But then he said, count as protesters have been offering clean mass to all those that approach them to argue so far.

[00:37:38] No one has taken one.

[00:37:43] I get this

[00:37:44] Bonnie: [00:37:44] there’s there is this woman who I was reading. I was reading something about this Sean Guy, just so I didn’t go into this completely ignorant. And um, her name is Susan Michael Strausser. She’s an assistant professor of [00:38:00] epidemiology at Columbia. So she

[00:38:02] Karen: [00:38:02] says like college,

[00:38:05] Bonnie: [00:38:05] she says she has empathy for the people who want to gather, especially because her husband he’s a pastor and he runs st.

[00:38:12] Luke’s Lutheran church in Manhattan. Um, his church switched to virtual services when the pandemics. Started. And then since then he started hosting outdoor services where they ensured that chairs are spaced out on the sidewalk and street, but she says not coming together is not easy, but potentially infecting someone else is potentially dangerous.

[00:38:34] And to me, it’s a no brainer. If we truly love our food, fellow human and woman, it is our duty to protect them. And she says to do anything else seems unloving to me. Why would I go against science when we’re lucky enough, privileged enough to have the internet and phones, to remain connected with people?

[00:38:52] Karen: [00:38:52] Exactly.

[00:38:53] Bonnie: [00:38:53] So not being together, the spirit too, not necessarily in person.

[00:38:58] Karen: [00:38:58] So. [00:39:00] Right. And, and that’s it like we know personally some ministers I know too, and they are both doing it virtually and virtually is sort of letting them do a few things that they might not have been able to do before also. But this guy.

[00:39:16] He’s he’s the savior he’s putting himself in that savior position and that arrogant theology. So he also got invited to Trump’s, you know, shindig of evangelists whenever he was about to be impeached. And he brought all the, um, the church leaders to his house and there’s a picture. Of some of them standing around Trump is sitting doing his usual cheesy smile and there’s more like young looking pastors standing around them.

[00:39:57] And there is. [00:40:00] One guy in back of Trump who is black with his hand on Trump’s shoulder, normal, you know, he’s right there. And they put him there for optics. And then you just see a mass of people and you see one arm coming out of nowhere. And I had to. Get and look into it. So I just sent it to you and you’ll see that there’s just this mysterious hand on them.

[00:40:31] And you have

[00:40:32] Bonnie: [00:40:32] white arm.

[00:40:33] Karen: [00:40:33] You have to trace it back.

[00:40:38] Bonnie: [00:40:38] Well, it’s connected to a big law, long thing of white

[00:40:41] Karen: [00:40:41] hair. Yep. But look how far he’s reaching. He’s not right there. His hand, his arm is over three different people next to him. Yeah. So yeah, it’s definitely an ego thing and he did a [00:41:00] tweet and he totally copied it from. Friends, because he said, when the president of the United States invites you inside the white house to worship and pray, you do it.

[00:41:15] So first he’s got to advertise it and let everyone know. And you’re just like this weird humility where’s any of this, but

[00:41:25] Bonnie: [00:41:25] I want to know where he, how does he make his money?

[00:41:28] Karen: [00:41:28] Well B from fundraising and he’s employed by the church, but he does have some music out Bonnie. So if you go to his website, you can see that there’s a cart.

[00:41:43] Up at the top and I’m like, Oh no. Are we going to be able to get jorts on here? And it’s his music albums? Well,

[00:41:54] Bonnie: [00:41:54] these little gatherings, just to me, seemed like a tour dates.

[00:41:59] Karen: [00:41:59] Yeah. [00:42:00] Yeah. But he also, there.

[00:42:02] Bonnie: [00:42:02] It’s just about money. I don’t think anything is about anything else anymore ever.

[00:42:07] Karen: [00:42:07] Yeah, I think it’s, I think it’s a ego.

[00:42:11] I, I don’t think he, I think he’s delusional that everyone needs him. So he has also recorded a song with his four kids about abortion. I mean,

[00:42:29] Bonnie: [00:42:29] what can I wish I had?

[00:42:31] Karen: [00:42:31] So, yeah, that’s awful.

[00:42:33] Bonnie: [00:42:33] I’m sorry.

[00:42:34] Karen: [00:42:34] I know, but I mean, it’s called raise our voice and you just sink, you know, the kids are being used, everyone’s being used.

[00:42:44] So they, someone interviewed during all this, cause he’s in all the papers, especially in California, that he’s being this asshole. And they have different pastors or social psychologists saying, you know, [00:43:00] he’s a Trumper, but he’s a young and charismatic one who has a huge Instagram following. So the idea is, yeah, they post these things on Instagram to show, look, this is hip, this is cool.

[00:43:16] I know. I keep saying hip and cool, which are not have been called you. You know, you can be part of this and you can vote for Trump. So this is the whole idea that they’re trying to get to. Um, and again,

[00:43:32] Bonnie: [00:43:32] and he wants to run for office. He needs somebody to back him. So he’s got a back, some other people. So it’s just.

[00:43:42] It’s just using each other.

[00:43:45] Karen: [00:43:45] Right, right. I mean, that’s the same thing. Everyone who’s supported Trump. They were guaranteed places in his cabinet if they brought so many votes and so many things. So, I [00:44:00] mean, look at where those people are today. Look at Bannon. Look at Jerry Falwell, jr. Man. They’re proven themselves.

[00:44:08] Perfectly.

[00:44:10] Bonnie: [00:44:10] Um, well, they were given opportunities to continue to trick people and make money from them. Oh my God. Why do we do this pumpkin?

[00:44:20] Karen: [00:44:20] Well, so here’s what I want to suggest you tell me if you’re up for this. I mean, we like to make fun of things and take down charlatans like this, but I think there could be more action with this sky.

[00:44:37] I’d like to read his. Upcoming concert dates that where he might be coming to your town and doing a gathering that is against the mandates of your town and endangering not only the people who come, but people are traveling to it. So they might come [00:45:00] from out of state or counties that have a higher incidence COVID and then of course, bring it.

[00:45:08] Mix it up in there and take it back home. So

[00:45:13] Bonnie: [00:45:13] mix it up, take it back home on the way they’re going to stop in, you know, your various fast food restaurants, possibly not wearing masks.

[00:45:23] Karen: [00:45:23] That’s right.

[00:45:24] Bonnie: [00:45:24] Infecting other people go into the bathroom and the toilet flushing it. Having particles float around in the air, which we’ve heard is the thing.

[00:45:31] And by that, I mean, pooping because being on the road makes you need to poop. Um, yeah. I’m looking at his event, upcoming dates too, and I’m glad that nothing’s happening near me because I know you’d want me to go

[00:45:45] Karen: [00:45:45] well, no, I would say stay away, but I’d like to read them out so that people can. Email call are right.

[00:45:56] The, the people, the mayor, whatever, and [00:46:00] let them know. And we can even tell them a script. And it is, there’s a guy who’s going to come and find a place to do an outdoor concert. He has, I don’t know how many followers, but it’s a lot. He has a bunch of followers. And they’re going to gather, they’re going to be outside.

[00:46:22] They’re not going to wear mass. And, you know, as city dwellers, we’d like to be protected from the sky.

[00:46:31] Bonnie: [00:46:31] Yeah, look at all the places that he’s going to be

[00:46:34] Karen: [00:46:34] so August.

[00:46:36] Bonnie: [00:46:36] So you’re going to take that silver RV all the way from Pasadena on August 23 to New Jersey on August 28.

[00:46:44] Karen: [00:46:44] Oh yeah. He’s Airstream in it. And you know, he’s going to stop anywhere on the way anywhere he feels.

[00:46:49] God tells them, and he’s going to pull out those speakers and just do him. Prompt is so anywhere on the way, but. [00:47:00] Um, or he might be flying, I don’t know, don’t care. Um, and he, on August 28th, these are all usually around four to 6:00 PM. He’ll be in New Jersey. He will be at Christian international church. So that might help narrow things down, but he’ll be outside August 29th.

[00:47:24] He will be in New York at Washington square park. Please. Okay. If

[00:47:29] Bonnie: [00:47:29] he can’t give he pooped, go say something there it’s all over.

[00:47:33] Karen: [00:47:33] Yeah. Be aware, spread this, get him shoved out and it locked down. Now of course he gets to see, say, see the government and the police they’re against God, but who cares? Um, it’s about,

[00:47:49] Bonnie: [00:47:49] that’s just what he decides to say.

[00:47:51] Yeah.

[00:47:52] Karen: [00:47:52] Um, he will

[00:47:53] Bonnie: [00:47:53] be that also could mean that they are against long curly hair.

[00:47:58] Karen: [00:47:58] That’s right. [00:48:00] That’s right. Um,

[00:48:02] Bonnie: [00:48:02] and he stands for a lot more things than just God.

[00:48:05] Karen: [00:48:05] He stands for

[00:48:06] Bonnie: [00:48:06] maybe his music. Isn’t so great. Maybe people are against that, that style of music.

[00:48:13] Karen: [00:48:13] Maybe there again,

[00:48:15] Bonnie: [00:48:15] you better put on some fucking shoes.

[00:48:16] If he’s in the middle of New York,

[00:48:19] Karen: [00:48:19] stepping on them needles,

[00:48:22] Bonnie: [00:48:22] Washington square park, put your shoes on,

[00:48:28] Karen: [00:48:28] on August. 30th, he’ll be in Boston at Boston commons. Can’t believe that at 4:00 PM. So as you can see, he’s finding just these quote, popular places to be good luck there. Um, then he goes back. Oh no, he goes.

[00:48:47] To Vancouver, Washington, he’ll be at waterfront park on September 4th and Vancouver, Washington, waterfront park 6:00 PM, September six. He’s going to be [00:49:00] at Sacramento, California outside the Capitol building. So he just has to include politics in it almost as if he’s he’s threatening saying, look, it’s a protest.

[00:49:15] Look. We should be treated like black lives matters and all that shit.

[00:49:21] Bonnie: [00:49:21] I’m oppressed.

[00:49:22] Karen: [00:49:22] He ends, um, September six, Washington. Nope. Seattle Washington. Gasworks park 6:00 PM. There’s seven. Yep. September 11th, which I can only imagine all the other symbolism is going to add in there is going to be at Fort Collins, Colorado.

[00:49:45] So he yeah. Is going to do some type of military. Um, I support the troops. Uh, he’s going to have probably a new set of like cammo jorts. We don’t [00:50:00] know, um, September 12th, Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is no big deal. And that’s in the morning, but Colorado Springs. That’s his, that’s his audience. Anyway, enjoy have it.

[00:50:13] Is it

[00:50:14] Bonnie: [00:50:14] like. Earthy Conrad. Is that what you mean?

[00:50:17] Karen: [00:50:17] Well, it’s that, but Colorado Springs is also the hub. A lot of Christian that’s right. Focus on the family and all that stuff. That’s right. September 13th, he heads back to Minneapolis, Minnesota at 6:00 PM. Um, then more of

[00:50:40] Bonnie: [00:50:40] more of his important missionary work.

[00:50:42] Karen: [00:50:42] Yeah. Sorry. I mean, I just want all the black Americans to know you need this sky to bring you God, you don’t know about Jesus,

[00:50:53] Bonnie: [00:50:53] by the way. I’m looking on this events section of his website too. Every single [00:51:00] person is just a white face in this sea of people.

[00:51:03] Karen: [00:51:03] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:51:04] Bonnie: [00:51:04] White guy, white guy, white guy.

[00:51:07] Karen: [00:51:07] I

[00:51:07] Bonnie: [00:51:07] think that’s a woman.

[00:51:08] I’m not sure. Maybe that’s what? White lady. Oh my goodness.

[00:51:14] Karen: [00:51:14] All right. So September 14th, Madison, Wisconsin, September 15th, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So, um, on the 14th and Madison, it’s going to be on the steps of the state Capitol. And then on September 15th. It will be in Milwaukee at veterans Memorial. Is he going to have a lot more?

[00:51:41] Yes, I’m sure they’re going to be everywhere, but he sees this as a growing movement. And if you go to his Instagram and sort of looks like this growing said to me that more people are quote to [00:52:00] me getting bored. Um, and they’re like, ah, let’s get out of here. And so they go to this beach, then they baptize them in the water and they’re all touching each other and dunking them and people in the comments are like, yay, Jesus’s name will be prey.

[00:52:20] And you know, I’m so mad by what you’re doing. God’s moving all these things that we’ve heard for 2000 years. God has always been moving. Just depends. Who wants to say it? Um,

[00:52:39] Bonnie: [00:52:39] well, um, here, I’m gonna, I’m going to divert the conversation for a minute to the all-important capitalism of our country. Um, why don’t you take a guest with me and you know, this is one of my favorite games to play.

[00:52:53] When you put the name, Sean, Feucht into an eBay search. How many products do you?

[00:52:58] Karen: [00:52:58] Well, he does [00:53:00] have. He did coauthor five books, even though he calls himself an author, um, we can get into what that probably means. And, um, I don’t know, you tell me

[00:53:15] Bonnie: [00:53:15] 30.

[00:53:16] Karen: [00:53:16] Oh, so

[00:53:18] Bonnie: [00:53:18] there’s a CD. There’s another CD. There’s another CD and another CD.

[00:53:24] Um, and some more CDs then there’s like you said, the bookie coauthored. And then it’s music and another book.

[00:53:33] Karen: [00:53:33] Yeah. I’m wondering if he’s on preacher sneakers. I doubt it because he does the barefoot thing. What’s preachers.

[00:53:42] Bonnie: [00:53:42] Remind me, is it a website?

[00:53:44] Karen: [00:53:44] It’s a, yeah. It pretty much shows what pastors are wearing and how much it costs,

[00:53:53] Bonnie: [00:53:53] right?

[00:53:54] Karen: [00:53:54] Yeah. But there’s a,

[00:53:55] Bonnie: [00:53:55] Rizzy everywhere shoes.

[00:53:58] Karen: [00:53:58] I don’t think so. [00:54:00] So his Instagram, he has something where he’s talking to the camera and his hand goes up and down like a karate chop, like young pastors do. And he’s like, thank you for your extravagant generosity. You’re helping launch this movement. And in new cities, across America, every dollar donated.

[00:54:24] Well, raise up a banner of worship, prayer and revival in our land check for new cities and new dates. And he always posts things about it’s time to be, uh, to have courageous Christianity and to quote, fill the street. It’s like now don’t feel streets. Don’t don’t do any of this, please.

[00:54:55] Bonnie: [00:54:55] The other thing is, I mean, be a Christian, all you want just simmer down [00:55:00] about it.

[00:55:01] Karen: [00:55:01] I think he, I think it is a menace to America’s health and I’m totally serious about that. You know, one of the ones he held in San Diego, which may be is that his Mo beach state officials estimated 5,000 people showed up. Oh, my God. So, and that’s

[00:55:25] Bonnie: [00:55:25] no Pismo beach is kind of new, the middle.

[00:55:28] Karen: [00:55:28] Yeah. I don’t know.

[00:55:28] That could be another one,

[00:55:30] Bonnie: [00:55:30] but yeah, that we’re, we’re looking through, we’re looking at one another through really suspicious eyes. And rather than seeing one another as human beings, we’re seeing each other as germ and virus spreaders. This is what somebody at one of his events said, and she says, I don’t think that’s healthy.

[00:55:47] Um, I don’t think that helps us come together to fight a pandemic. It just polarizes people. And that masks show the fear of the virus, but it’s kind of like, God, it’s, it’s a respect, not a [00:56:00] fear. Why can’t we just respect this virus? Why do we have to name it? Fear

[00:56:05] Karen: [00:56:05] the anti-intellectualism. Oh, but thank goodness.

[00:56:09] Like he does have really cool pictures on his Instagram so that people really love it. It’s he and his beautiful wife and Birkenstocks sitting on the back of their Airstream. So. The gram I’m telling you. I know.

[00:56:23] Bonnie: [00:56:23] And they’re super cute kids.

[00:56:25] Karen: [00:56:25] Yep. Yep. So if you happen to spot a reflective silver Airstream, rolling into your town, like a, a warmed up Petri dish, you know, you need to contact your authorities, run inside, lock the door and put a diaper on your face.

[00:56:48] Because, yeah, man, the shit’s coming out all sides. Thank you so much for recommending this guy, but I think I’m going to stay [00:57:00] on this guy’s ass for a while. This one really pisses me off. Cause he’s bringing his physical harm to people. So

[00:57:10] Bonnie: [00:57:10] I know it’s just, it’s just building it. So they come.

[00:57:13] Karen: [00:57:13] Yeah. Yeah, he’s giving them

[00:57:15] Bonnie: [00:57:15] venues.

[00:57:16] So thank you for, uh, any rating and. Subscribing and reviewing that you want to do too

[00:57:25] Karen: [00:57:25] and sharing and doing all that. Yeah.

[00:57:28] Bonnie: [00:57:28] Cause it’s nice to have a community.

[00:57:30] Karen: [00:57:30] That’s right. So we’re going to be gathering in every

[00:57:34] Bonnie: [00:57:34] town online, safely away from one another.

[00:57:38] Karen: [00:57:38] We’re traveling. I fixed up a station wagon. I’ll pick you up.

[00:57:46] I’m going to be,

[00:57:48] Bonnie: [00:57:48] I’ll be in the way back.

[00:57:50] Karen: [00:57:50] I’m missing a toe. It’s going to be bright. Um, bye bye.

[00:57:57] Bonnie: [00:57:57] Have a good week.

[00:57:58] Karen: [00:57:58] Um,

[00:57:59] Bonnie: [00:57:59] you’re [00:58:00] missing a toe.

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