The Family Part 1: It’s about Power, Not Love

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Bonnie and Karen discuss the book, and soon-to be-released Netflix documentary “The Family: An enigmatic conservative Christian group known as the Family wields enormous influence in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of its global ambitions.”

C Street Residence of The Family

Karen and Bonnie also discuss their first impressions of DC. They were not good. And not for any reasons that had to do with politics.

The secret group in DC laid low for a long time and only insiders knew of them. Until the shtooping. Always the shtooping. In 2009, when senator Mark Sanford disappeared to go “hiking” but was found out to be hiking on his mistress, people learned he lived in a house in DC on C Street. But it wasn’t/isn’t just a house, it’s a group. And boy, do you need to learn about this group. Read Jeff Sharlet’s The Family or “Jesus Plus Nothing” in Harper’s Magazine.

George Bush Sr., Doug Coe, some guy

2 Comments on “The Family Part 1: It’s about Power, Not Love

  1. I was a member of a 2 fundamentalist versions of Christianity. The Southern Baptist for 12 years and the Church of Christ for 27 years. It took that long for me to realize I had been so deeply indoctrinated that I did not realize these were religious cults.

    It took more than a decade of study and researching the historical origins and evolution of both the Christian faith and the Bible to Free my mind from the years of indoctrination I’d experienced.

    I’ve been a happy atheist since 2012. Drs Bart Ehrman & Robert Price are just 2 of the many scholars I read and studied to free my mind.

    I enjoy your podcast and became aware of it @ That is a great site for those leaving religion.



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