21: First Annual Kook-Off: Jim Bakker vs Pat Robertson

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Who’s kookier, or old cootier, Jim Bakker or Pat Robertson? We make them go head-to-head on this episode. We’ll post polls on our social media things (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) so you can vote. The winner will get nothing but their already deserved disgrace.

Bonnie got so depressed reading about her guy, Pat Robertson, that she decided to just look up reviews for the Anne Frank book. This is the world we live in!

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 12.29.17 PM
Review for Anne Frank

So we moved on the real event: The Kook-Off. Karen took Jim Bakker, once married to Tammy Faye, involved in a sex scandal with Jessica Hahn, jailed for 5 years for money doo-dah, now back on television with his new wife and selling buckets of goop for the coming END OF TIMES!

Suggestion, slap a piece of wood on top and keep your buckets around the house!
Mmmmmm, shovel-cheese.
Bakker grabs the rice and shoves it in his rice-hole.

Bonnie takes on Pat Robertson. She feels the guy says things before he thinks them through and they get blown up by people who want to laugh at them. Karen says she is that person. Pat actually went to Yale and has a law degree, but he didn’t pass the bar. He also says he was preoccupied with “the ladies” when he was a younger lad. Since then he’s told people to stop their yapping about adulterous husbands and, of course, that every storm is the result of sin. Looking at you, gays!

Pat Robertson and his crooked head.
A pic too horrifying to caption. Donald Trump and Pat Robertson

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