20: Jerry Falwell Jr., Michael Cohen, Tom Arnold and Some Pictures

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Bonnie fills Karen in on Jerry Falwell Jr., and the news that something is afoot in his world. The players are a pool boy, Jerry, Jerry’s wife, Michael Cohen and his plaid jacket, and Tom Arnold. Of course, Trump always shows up in anything we discuss when it comes to sketchy “Christians.” Falwell has the sanpaku, an eyeball thing Bonnie is obsessed with. Supposedly, he’s either an addict or crazzzzy.

Gold Members of the Coattails Club: Tom Arnold and Michael Cohen

The story’s still coming out, but there are some revealing pictures of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s

SoBe Hostel Mural

wife, and also a friendship with the pool boy, who went on vacations with them. But it doesn’t stop there! Falwell invested 1.8 Million dollars in the SoBE hostel in Miami Beach that the pool boy started. Could this be why Falwell went from not supporting Trump for president to being all-in and making sure the evangelicals did, too?


Enjoy a romp through this den of vice that is the Falwell hostel.

SoBe Hostel Review

We also read a letter from Sara, who found herself in a cult when she attended a Pentecostal Bible college in Minnesota. It includes pie.

Various shout outs:

Southern Fried Crime Podcast

Twitter of Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz for Trump’s Art of the Deal







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