19: Shoving Gays Down Preachers’ Throats


We are back! Please help us out by subscribing, rating, and reviewing us. In fact, although we don’t think we put out anything worthy, we’re asking you to share this episode because these preachers asking for LGBT people to be killed need eyes on them. By everyone!

We give a shout-out to Maggie who said she not only noticed we were gone for two weeks but that she missed us. She’s going to get a crown in our heaven one day.

Bonnie gets after the Google doodle on Father’s Day because it depicts ducks, a sore issue with Bonnie. Go listen to episode 1 or 2. One of them goes over the TRUE disposition of those cute, little ducks.unnamed-4

Thennnnn, it’s time to talk about the assholes who are preaching that LGBT people should be killed by the government. They’ve chosen Pride Month to really go off in the most non-Jesus-like way. Grayson Fritts, a pastor in the Knoxville, Tennessee area is also a police detective. You can watch the video here, if you can stomach it.


But wait. There’s more! You also get the Make America Straight Again conference in Orlando, Florida. Orlando Weekly gives details of the loser church that was the headquarters for the conference.

The Friendly Atheist website also gives a nice recounting of the “lowlights” of the conference.

The list of the lead hate-preachers are: Grayson Fritts, Roger Jimenez, Steven Anderson, Aaron Thompson, and Patrick Boyle.


Kudos to Christian Nightmares on Twitter who stayed on YouTube to take down the live feed of the conference, siting hate speech.









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