18: The Love Family Cult

Bonnie and Karen introduce you to the Love Family cult. We obsess about flowy robes and Kimmy Schmidt.

Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Mike Hamm) from Kimmy Schmidt 

The Love Family started out pretty well, a commune that’s emphasis was living in the now—a lovely idea. On hemp paper.

The founder, Paul Erdmann, was said to be a used car salesman type. They were really into music, and that’s what attracted lots of their followers. That’s what would have made us jump off a bridge.

It all started when friends Paul and Brian Allen did LSD together. They felt the only thing that was real was love, so they renamed everyone after a virtue and the last name Isreal (“Is real.” Get it?). Paul got to be Love Isreal. Poor Brian got stuck with The name Logic. :/

This cult brought people from all over the country. It’s not like these new-fangled AOL chatrooms were around for people to find each other.

Soon it was time for Logic to start a coup. They wrote a letter to Love and he tore it up! Rip Torn.

Go watch the YouTube documentary because it’s a gem.

So, non-plot-twist, Love started getting greedy for power and money. One of the cult members was an heir to the DuPont fortune, and so Love started rolling in it—buying planes but not food or shoes for the cult kids.

We talk about how similar cults and regular religions are. We use the cult symptoms that Rick Ross lays out.

A few outtakes from the episode:





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