15: Remembering the Humor of Rachel Held Evans

This week, Karen and Bonnie do something a little different by honoring exvangelical author and thinker Rachel Held Evans who passed away a few days ago at the age of 37.

Rachel wrote the satirical book “A Year of Biblical Womanhood,” where she tried to live as the Bible instructs women to be as a way to point out how ridiculous it is to follow the Bible to a T, but to follow the spirit of it. They also talk about her call to tell Christians how to do and use humor.


Rachel Held Evans

B and K take a swat at Franklin Graham’s tweet wishing Melania trump a happy birthday, and calling her the classiest first woman the country has ever ad, and what the unnamed-3average American thinks is classy.

Plus, they read a letter by The Graceful Atheist recounting his time as the MC of Action House, a program of hip and uber-cool church kids who reenact Christian music videos. Bonnie and Karen are as embarrassed for him as his wife is. There is also a cameo by Katy Perry in his story.unnamed-1.jpg

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