Church Lock-ins, Funerals, and Easter Condoms

58711617_617915378707795_5791006445029818368_n.pngBonnie and Karen has a few false starts this week as they talk about church lock-ins. Join us as we tell you about them in real time. Horny kids, pizza, one bathroom, what could go wrong?images-4.jpg

Lock-ins have evolved since we were teens, and now there are bouncy castles and kids suing the church for stupid youth minister pranks. They get bands, go to Walmart, go to malls, jump at one of those trampoline places for exxxactly 90 minutes.

Karen tells about her kids have gone to church lock-ins. They were amazing and huge with concerts and junk food. Then they returned home with church “dollars” they could buy cheap-ass toys at the church, to get them to return.images.jpg

They read a letter from Stacey about her Jewish kids attending a Baptist church funeral. Culture shock. Then down the Christian funeral spiral Karen and Bonnie go, going off about how faith funerals are less about the dead and more about trying to convert the attendees.

Bonnie tells about how she screamed at a pious co-worker once and feels badly about it. Karen tells her the woman deserved it. Then Karen shares57611770_10217678680574179_8726830081785200640_n.jpg her giddy moment of finding out kids put condoms all over her neighborhood the day before there was going to be an outside Easter service.

Don’t Be and Asshole!

Bye, now.

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