13: Stop Believin’: The Story of Trump and Paula White

Karen tells Bonnie about Paula White, an evangelist who “led Trump to Christ,” and has continued to be a big influence on him. It’s a story few know about, but everything becomes clear once you do.

We recorded this on the Saturday before Easter. Trump has inconvenienced Bonnie because both the laaaadies grew up near Mar-a-Lago, and Bonnie is still there. Trump has screwed up the US as well as the traffic in their hometown.

Trump and Paula White

Karen launches into the story of how Trump became a Christian. It is the story of one Paula White, a televangelist who supposedly led him to Christ. If only Mar-a-Lago could have gotten more channels because Trump could only get a few stations and one would broadcast Paula White and Jim Bakke

Trump called her up and the rest is the most corrupt history ever. She led him to Christ, for whatever that’s worth, and told him when to run for president. She is his closest spiritual advisor. One of his others is Bonnie and Karen’s old pastor. Yay.

Paula White not only believes that God wants everyone to be rich (hmmm, no wonder Trump likes her), but she is on her third husband and it is no other than Jonathan Cain of Journey. Please enjoy this delightful clip of them singing together on the Jim Bakker show.

Bonnie reads a letter from Rose about all the things she wasn’t allowed to listen to or watch. Four of which are magic and David Bowie’s “bulge.”unnamed-1

For the Don’t Be An Asshole segment, Bonnie and Karen go off on people who filter out their facial lines for social media.

Send your funny letter. We love to read them.

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Oh, and Happy Birthday, Steve!

Bye now.


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