Christian School, Sex Talk Sunday, and Playboys in Dumpsters

This week, Bonnie and Karen discuss their time in Baptist day school. They read a listener’s letter about bringing her boyfriend to church and the Sunday School teachers deciding to divide the boys and girls up so they could talk about sex. And what would Christian school be without unruly boys who dive in dumpsters and pull out nudey magazines?

Bonnie tells about becoming an unintentional elementary school racist while Karen just twirls around a pole until she falls down. But, those times made this amazing podcast possible, including the Charlie’s Angels references.


Bonnie pulls out an old yearbook and reads what Karen wrote Bonnie. You can see the genius blooming “write” there.

Karen tells the story of how she tried to break into the cool girls group by revealing the secret that 70’s heartthrob, Andy Gibb, was going to be the new Minister of Youth. She totally believed Andy would leave his lucrative career and move to her church and lead them in a rousing chorus about not leaving your light under a

Andy Gibb


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