Transregurgitation, Mike Warnke, and Cement Butts

Karen and Bonnie read a letter from a listener who had an unfortunate incident with a downloadhymnal, they discuss the Satanic High Priest turned Christian comedian, Mike Warnke (all those monikers are LIES), and finish off with a discussion on body augmentation.



Bonnie recounts how much we were at church during the week growing up. Sundays all day, Wednesdays, going out with youth group friends and not tipping the waitstaff properly. A great witness for Christ.

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This week, K and B…Satan, Bonnie’s favorite subject. Karen recounts a story where a friend from Baptist college calls her after decades to ask her what she can tell him about being Wiccan because she announced she was an atheist. Soooo atheism = devilness.

Bonnie reads a listener’s letter about going to a Catholic school. An unfortunate incident occurs!It leads us to beg for someone to make crosstitch or draw or paint or graphic 0design “Cheetos and Jesus.”

Bonnie goes against all our mission statements for the podcast and does RESEARCH, sharing about a special sink and drain that Catholic churches have to get rid of communion left-overs, even when they are combined with gross things (see above letter).

imagesThen we get into the shyster of Church in the 80s. Mike Warnke, Satanist High Priest-turned Christian comedian. Oh, this fucking guy. What a conman. But his lies molded a generation and impacted their mental health.

DBAA (Don’t Be an Asshole)

Bonnie tells about responding to mean Christians with their own medicine. She also says, “nani nani boo boo.”

Karen talks about getting botox and is not ashamed!

We love all our listeners and it’s so fun to interact on all the socials! Have a great week.



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