Signs, Wonders, and Male Strippers

Bonnie and Karen discuss signs from heaven. Does God send signs to show his love, unnamed-1direction, or hilarious humor? Or is life random? Plus—they get kicked off an ex-Christian forum for being “therapists,” God sends Karen a busload of male dancers, and they read a letter from Faith, who proves her name is ironic.

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Signs and wonders are a way God supposedly still shows his face these days. Whether it’s a butterfly that lands on your shoulder or, like Karen’s story of an old Baptist acquaintance posted, God blessing a family and their move into a new house by making the weather good that morning (also happening right then? The Haiti earthquake that killed children).

B and K read a letter from Faith about all the amazing ways God gives signs to his people. Forget the rainbow after the rain, bring on the discount on a Smart Car!

Robbie Williams

Bonnie tells about all the signs that appeared when she was trying to pitch a television show about Robbie Williams, and Karen recounts her time of swearing off guys to focus on God. And then what comes barreling down the road, stops

Chippendales, sort of.

and asks her a question? A busload of Chippendale dancers. Oh, God, you crack us up!

DBAA (Don’t Be an Asshole):

Karen and Bonnie are revamping our ending segment a bit to tell of when we’ve been assholes. Somehow, they end up still complementing themselves in the process. Bonnie talks about being impatient while Karen called someone a shit pile. But they’re also thankful for things like television and dog grooming.

Barney Miller so brown.

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