Godly Women, Dead Arms, and Christian College Pranks

Karen and Bonnie discuss Proverbs 31—being a gawdly woman. They’re off to buy flax and wool to sell at the market, deliver sashes to who knows who, get up at the crack of dawn and make stuff for their household, while also dressing them oddly in purple and red. If you don’t know the verses in the Bible that tell all the tasks women need to be up to, then crack the Word.

Mysogynistic Ad

Bonnie reads a few verses—there are way too many—where we find our woman being a perky worker while the man literally sits.

Karen tells of her workbook, The Virtuous Woman, which she started when she was a wee teen and then moved on to the Women’s Devotional Bible. The Bible had devotionals by Ruth Graham and Joni Eareckson Tada in it. Remember her and her horrifying story?!download-2


A freak accident of Joni becoming paralyzed make Bonnie and Karen paranoid as youngsters.


But, we can’t get over listener Jenni’s hilarious letter about pulling a “rapture prank” on someone at her Christian college.download-3


We turn serious and tell you about a great organization, Recovering From Religion. Help is there if you need it.

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