John Chau, Evangelizing, and Worshipping My Favorite Murder

On this week’s episode, Bonnie and Karen discuss the fateful missionary trip of John Chau, a zealot young man who was killed by a remote tribe in late November of 2018.

But first, they talk about what they’re happy about this week, or grateful for, or something that is going to have a more clever name in the future but they’re coming up blank right now.

Bonnie’s happy she’s put into practice something she heard Georgia Hardstark say on the My Favorite Murder podcast—being not just grateful, but recognizing when you feel downloadhappy/good/joyful. Karen’s thankful for meds. All them. And that’s when they acknowledge Deconversion Therapy wouldn’t have come into being without MF

We read a letter from a guy on Reddit who felt he was to be one of God’s great prophets (get in line behind Karen, reddit-boy), and goes to not just share the gospel with someone, but hopes to turn her from gay to straight.

They discuss John Chau, the young man who died when he went to try and witness to an download-2island of isolated tribespeople. It’s a sad and misunderstood story, but it brings up our witnessing snafus. Bonnie witnessed on a tennis court while Karen did a pantomime with a mission group in India and taught monks in Thailand. They did not, in fact, usher anyone into the kingdom of heaven.

<– Earnest guy, no shade.


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