Jesus Camp, The Documentary that Scares the Hell Out of Everybody

downloadBonnie and Karen give a little intro about what the podcast is about. Basically, nothing of substance. But they love to talk about the humorous memories of being “on fire for Jesus.”

The Good Thing of the Week: Karen is thankful for kinetic sand. It is amazing for stress relief. Oh, you have noooo idea. Search for “sand cutting” and “rug cleaning” on Instagram. You’re welcome. Bonnie is thankful tennis is her church now, and Rafa Nadal might be a deityimages-5.jpg

They then reveal that they are super sporty sports people who sport at everything!

Thanks for all the letters and feedback we’ve been getting. It’s embarrassing and great at the same time. We read Claire’s letter about how one of her camp counselors embarrassed Claire and her boyfriend because they were sitting too close. Those same counselors got knocked up. Who would’ve thunk?

Bonnie and Karen recount church camp and how we COULD have been eaten by gators.

Then Bonnie horrifies Karen by telling her about the documentary Jesus Camp. It is an insane recounting of Becky Fisher leading kids to pray and do strange interactive exercises having to do with George H. Bush and taping tiny baby fetuses to their hands. Then good ‘ol Ted Haggard shows up to offer validity to the movement.


Karen vows she’ll watch the movie, and invites other to watch, too, write in their thoughts, and we’ll discuss it in a future episode.

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